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Butterflies have always had a special meaning to me. Not only are they beautiful and angelic but they stand as a symbol of joy and transformation.

Monarchs are special to me for another reason. My sweet mother, who passed away from a brain tumor when I was seventeen, was Madame Butterfly in Puccini’s amazing opera.

She was an incredible opera singer, a gorgeous, lyrical soprano. She had a loving spirit and a passion for music. I chose the butterfly for my artist logo to keep her close and to remind me of the wonderful joy music brings to my life.

But, the monarch butterfly is in trouble.

Their numbers are declining largely because of the loss of milkweed plants, the monarch’s only source of food. Land development and the widespread use of weed killer on fields are destroying the milkweeds. Between illegal logging, urban development and pesticides, the butterflies can’t survive without help.

So, I’m excited to announce that I am now partnered with The Save Our Monarchs Foundation. The foundation is a hands-on, non-profit organization with a passion to increase awareness of these beautiful, endangered creatures. They plant milkweeds and work with several other organizations to spread the word about their cause.

Everybody can help the foundation in some way. Whether it’s planting seeds or donating them!

To find out how you can help, just go to Save Our Monarchs or you can visit them on Facebook.

Spread the word!

Save Our Monarchs!

Thanks everybody!!!